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Traditional Japanese Home Design

Traditional Japanese Home Design

The house is a shelter for the residents. Shelter from the sunshine, rain, and wind. Its shape and designs gives owner more comfort. The house also has artistic value in every region or country. One of them is the traditional home of Japanese home design.

Japan is known as the developed countries in Asia. Japanese cultures also very high. In-house design, Japan has a characteristic that is different from other countries.

Explore more about the Japanese home design, we need to know some places like Washitsu. Washitsu a tatami room in traditional Japanese buildings. Tatami mats are coming from Japan are made traditionally. Tatami is made of straw that has been woven and gaining popularity in the 17th century.

Besides to know the space through Watshitsu, there are bulkhead or door space is Fusuma and Shoji. The difference between fusuma and shoji is impermeable fusuma shoji light while light can penetrate.

Japan has a typical home  where people would take down shoes before entering other areas in the house. When they take down their shoes, people step up to the higher floors of genkan. Besides genkan there is a shelf or cabinet called Getabako where people can store their shoes.

The Japanese are familiar with the term Washiki the toilet closet or Asian squat toilets. The majority of the material is made of porcelain Washiki. Unlike Indonesia, if the user of the toilet in Indonesia facing the wall so opposite of Japanese people.
For the kitchen area, a traditional Japanese house design has a furnace to be burned while cooking process. While in the halls there Roka Japanese house design.

The garden of Japanese home design  asymmetrical deliberately designed so that no single element becomes dominant. If there is a focal point, the focal point is shifted so as not right in center. Japanese garden is large buildings equipped with such a small tea house, gazebo, and building worship (temples). Between the buildings and gardens are sometimes built a porch as a transition space where people sit. From the homepage, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the park from a distance.

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