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Minimalist Home Library Design

Making Minimalist Home Library Design

Many people really like to read and collect various types of books. For those of you who love to read will definitely be satisfied if it surrounded by favorite books are written by authors that you like. You can collect various types ranging from comic books, novels, fiction, science fact to book. In addition, you will feel very enjoyed to hunt some books in bookstores or exhibitions.

And you definitely want to have and design a home library where you can organize your books and where you can enjoy a great time to read it. But, you find difficult to make it in order to be comfortable library.

Therefore, you must know how to make a minimalist home library in your home, such as:

  1. Combine with other space. Personal library can be combined with a bedroom and family room.
  2. Notice the air vents. Make sure your personal library can have good ventilation. In addition to make your book collection more durable, adequate ventilation also keep the cool temperature, and can make you comfortable.
  3. Utilizingnatural light. Withmore freespaceconceptfor sunshine, youcansave electricityandhealthierspace.
  4. Advantage ofthe roomandget thebulkheadopenspace. It’s forkeepingyourmoodto readandfreesyoufromfeelingcooped upindoors.
  5. Place thelightsin the back, soyoudo notget tiredandglarewhenreading.
  6. Giveenough distancebetween theshelvestowalls, shelvesandbooksthatyou do notquicklydampandmoldy, smelly, andattackednerds. This distancewillalsofacilitate youtoclean upyourbooksofdust.
  7. Ensurespacebehindthe wallwhere youplace thebookcaseis not abathroom ora roomthat can holdwater.
  8. Installair conditioningifpossible, if not, showanyflowersorplantsin potsinyourroom. Adjust the size withthe composition ofthe room. Chooseplants that areeasy to maintainanddoes notfall out easily. The function ofthese plantsprovidea natural feel, softenstiffandseriousimpressionofyourbook collection, as well ashelpthe exchange ofindoor air.

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